Recycled Water Re-use Scheme

The Recycled Water Re-use Scheme will use high-quality treated wastewater from the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant. Treated water will be transported through a new network of pipes to irrigate and beautify some of Townsville's large commercial properties, schools, sporting fields and community parklands.

Murray Sporting Complex

Recycled Water

The Recycled Water Re-use Scheme is an important part of Council's commitment to deliver its three-point water security solution.

The three-point water security solution involves:

  • The new, duplicate 1.8m-diameter, 36.5km-long Haughton River pipeline
  • The Recycled Water Re-use Scheme
  • The Water Smart Package

The water is proposed to be used at NQ Stadium, Murray Sporting Complex, Townsville Golf Course, Townsville Turf Club, Palmetum, JCU, Lavarack Barracks and schools. Parks and open spaces in the southern suburbs of the city will have the opportunity to source and use the recycled water.

As part of the Recycled Water Re-use Policy, all participating premises will display signage where recycled water is being used.

15 megalitres per day of water will be recycled for re-use, making 15 megalitres per day of potable water available for human consumption. Environmentally, it will mean Townsville is reducing the amount of water to be removed from natural areas and catchment areas together with reducing the impact on the supply of drinking water.

Reducing the consumption of potable water by 15 megalitres a day (that's 6 Olympic-sized pools of water) will allow Council to defer expenditure to upgrade and expand water treatment facilities, saving the community millions of dollars.

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