Bringing more than just water to Townsville

As well as delivering long-term water security to Townsville, construction of the Haughton Pipeline Duplication has already created 641 jobs (source AEC) in advanced manufacturing and engineering in Townsville.

Haughton pipeline construction

Pipeline Delivery

The Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project (HPDP) involves the duplication of a fully-functioning 36.5km pipeline from the Haughton Pump Station to the Ross River Dam.

The pipeline is capable of pumping raw water into the Ross River Dam to "top up" water levels during periods of very low rainfall.

The HPDP will deliver 234 megalitres of water per day into the Ross Dam. That's about 94 olympic-sized swimming pools.

Construction of the HPDP is scheduled to be completed by March 2020.

The HPDP is an important part of the Council's commitment to deliver its three-point water security solution.

The three-point water security solution involves:

  • The new, duplicate 1.8m-diameter, 36.5km-long Haughton River pipeline
  • The Recycled Water Re-use Scheme
  • The Water Smart Package

The Queensland Government has contributed $225 million to improve water security in Townsville.