Let's make your garden waterwise

Prior to 2018, 70% of Townsville’s residential water supply was being used on our lawns and gardens. Here is where we can make our biggest impact!

After registering, select a combination of products below that adds up to your allocated amount. As you select products and your allocated budget starts running out, more products will appear greyed out. Keep trying a range of product combinations until you land on the preferred package you are happy with.

To assist with your selections, the approximate value of each product is listed below.

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Lawn Care Package


Treat your lawn to a selection of soil enhancers and fertilisers designed to reduce your water use.

Waterwise Plants - up to 30 - up to 16 to 20 week wait

$5 each

Cut down your garden water use with a selection of hardy native plants* recommended for their low water needs. (Please note delays of up to 16 to 20 weeks to collect plants due to popularity.)

* Species selection will be at the discretion of the nominated supplier. Please refer to your customer order form once you have finalised your order for further information.

Mulch Delivery - 3m³


Mulched gardens actively save water by reducing garden evaporation and assisting with weed management. Here you can have 3m³ of forest mulch – delivered* to your door!

* The supplier will contact you within 7 days to organise a time for delivery. Delivery may be delayed by up to 6 – 8 weeks.

Mulch Spread - 3m³ - must also order Mulch Delivery


We’re rolling up our sleeves to assist disability or pensioner concession holders* by spreading the mulch we deliver.

* Available to community members entitled to support services, disability or pensioner only. Must be ordered with mulch delivery.

Low Flow Sprinkler - Large

$22 each

Reduce water use with a long throw, low volume, high yield sprinkler with droplets that resist wind-drift and evaporative loss.

* Suitable for a 15m² area.

Low Flow Sprinkler - Small

$13 each

Smaller backyard? Try a short throw, low volume, high yield sprinkler with droplets that resist wind-drift and evaporative loss.

* Suitable for a 8m² area.

Tap Timer

$28 each

Actively reduce garden water use with a 6 hour tap timer that also provides backflow prevention.

Compost Bin - 300-470L


Actively save water through vegetation recycling and production of natural plant fertilisers.

Compost Bin - Tumbling Chamber


Save water with vegetation recycling. The tumbling chamber allows you to produce natural plant fertilisers, enhancing the process through aeration.

Compost Bin - Tumbler


Produce natural plant fertilisers from household scraps and actively reduce water use. Enhance this process with tumble mixing to increase aeration.

Compost Bin - 15L Benchtop


Live in an apartment? No worries! Make compost from your benchtop with this compact composting solution.

Worm Farm - 2 Tray


Recycle your organic waste into rich natural fertilizer for your garden. Saving water and enhancing your garden? It’s a win-win!

Worm Farm - 3 Tray


Save even more water and recycle larger quantities of organic waste into rich natural fertiliser for your garden.