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Townsville City Council is encouraging residents and body corporates to register to be part of the $10 million Water Smart Package.

This is a fantastic package that allows renters, homeowners and body corporates to secure vouchers or rebates for water-saving products such as more efficient watering systems and water-saving devices for the home and garden. It is just one of the ways we can all be water smart.

The availability of these benefits is on a first in, first served basis, so be sure to get in and register quickly.

Garden Support Package

The Garden Support Package will provide you with a range of products and services for your garden, which requires no cash outlay from you. The collective value of your selections can add up to either $300 or $500 depending on your eligibility. Products and services have been tailored to suit whether your garden uses automatic irrigation or you water your garden predominantly with a garden hose, watering can or a hose-end sprinkler.

Water Saving Devices Rebate

The Water Saving Devices Rebate is available to residents and body corporates and will provide a cash rebate for a range of waterwise products for inside and outside your home. It will require a cash outlay once you have registered. After you have registered, you can choose to purchase your products anywhere you wish. However, your choice of product must be the same as that for which you registered.



of the Water Smart Package funding has been spent.

As the Water Smart Package only has a limited budget, the program is being offered on a first in, first served basis. Get in quick!

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Townsville residents have registered.

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