Our Water Smart City

Townsville continues to experience the impact of variable climate and uncertain wet seasons. For our city to grow sustainably into the future, it is important that we ensure our water services meet future demands.

Pipeline Delivery

The Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the region's history and will help secure future water security for the city of Townsville.

Get Water Smart

There are a lot of ways we can all use water more efficiently. Discover the vouchers and rebates available to help save our most precious resource and be water smart for our city.

Recycled Water

Townsville's Recycled Water Re-use Scheme is just one of the ways we are helping to keep our city green and ensure our valuable water is used more efficiently.



of the Water Smart Package funding has been spent.

As the Water Smart Package only has a limited budget, the program is being offered on a first in, first served basis. Get in quick!

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Waterwise Resources

Irrigation and Leaks
Irrigation and Leaks

Let the rain do the heavy lifting and turn your irrigation off.

Lawn Care Guide - Watering

Water no more than twice a week in the dry and never when it’s wet.

Lawn Care Guide - Lawn Species

Choosing the right turf can save you up to 13 Sundays a year.

Lawn Care Guide - Fertiliser

Strong lawns are fertilised just enough.